Aquatics - is offered in both the Fall and Spring.  Practices are Friday evenings at Jordan YMCA.

Athletics - is held in the Spring.  Practices are held weekly.  This is one time you don't have to slow down!

Basketball - Well, we wouldn't be Hoosiers if we didn't offer basketball, would we?  Hoosier Hysteria rules during our winter months, and culminates with a tournament in March.

Bocce - one of our fastest growing sports.  Come learn to play Bocce!

Bowling - is one of the most popular sports of Special Olympics.  It is held from September through November, and again from April through May.  Practices are held on Saturday mornings at Woodland Bowl.

Cycling - is one of our newest sports offered at Washington Township and is a Spring activity.  Both single and tandem cycling are available.

Distance Track - is one of our Fall sports.  If you enjoy long distance walking or running (3K or 5K) practices are held on Saturday mornings at Brebeuf High School.  

Golf - In summer our thoughts turn to golf.  Practice is Sunday afternoons.  State tournaments are held in September. 

Soccer - a Spring and Fall sport.  Practices are held on Sunday evenings at Butler or the Dynamo FC Field.

Winter Games - athletes and partners compete in skiing, snowshoeing or snowboarding. These games occur at Perfect North Slopes in Lawrenceburg, IN.

Ice​ skating - is offered at the Carmel IceSkadium during the day in the Winter.  A good time is had by all so bundle up!!
Let me win.
But if I cannot win, 
Let me be brave
In the attempt.

~ Special Olympics Oath
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